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You Can Dream Lyrics:

I know a lot of things that you probably going through
And though nobodys feeling like the way you do
And you wont talk about it when I say wazzup
I guess that means that youre down on your luck

No sunshine, just gray skies
And i know its so hard just to stay alive
When your whole lifes seems just one lie
But you could make it all, it takes just one try

Its your life everything they know aint seem right
You dont always have to be right
You dont always have to be right
You gotta be strong sometimes in your life
If you fall down just know its alright
Alrightits alright
Alrightits alright


Just close your eyes
Remember those gray skies
Just dry your eyes
Coz you can make it baby
You can dream, you can dream, you can dream

Parang kailan lang ang mga pangarap ko ay nais abutin
Dahil sa inyo, napunta ako sa aking nais marating