Erin & Roxanne are two stunning Filipina-American YouTube stars that make up . These famous YouTube singers were invited to make an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres TV Show.

Here are some of their YouTube accolades:
#97 – Most Subscribed (All Time)
#27 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Musicians
#21 – Most Viewed (Jan 23 2009)
#2 – Most Viewed (Jan 23 2009) – Musicians
#19 – Most Viewed (January) – Musicians
#11 – Most Viewed (January) – Musicians

Rin On The Rox Videos:
1. Featured on Ellen DeGeneres Show with invitation
2. Full version o,f If I Were A Boy Cover by Rin On The Rox

To see more of Rin On The Rox, check out the Rin On The Rox YouTube profile.