Watch , (hiphopRINROX) new single, Torture, that was released earlier this month.

For some of you that know about Filipina-Canadian artist, , Torture was actually her demo.

Here’s what Rin On The Rox said about this:

This song was previously sung by Elise Estrada, we know that so please, no more harsh comments about Rin on the Rox stealing or taking Elise Estrada’s song. She sang it and that was it. We hooked up with some producers/composers from Vancouver, SA Trackworks/Banana Toons, who told us a girl previously sang it as a demo, but never released it as a single. It is Rin on the Rox’s song now and we would really appreciate it if everyone would just continue to show their love and support. Mind you, If I Were A Boy sung by Beyonce was previously released and recorded by another artist and Beyonce’s rendition turned out to be a #1 hit . Please continue to show your love and support. We will have more originals coming to you soon! Thanks again! We love you all!!